What is God Doing?

What is God Doing?

Most of us shuffle through life.  Putting one foot in front of the other, we do our day to day stuff the best we can.  Things are OK - not too bad, but not too good - just OK.  Hey, what's wrong with that?

There is something more . . .

I've made the argument (and will continue to make it) that in the Bible we are encouraged to see our encounter with Christ as life-changing.  Specifically,  the mundane stuff of life, becomes not mundane, but meaningful.  You might even say, after our encounter with Christ - "everything is spiritual."

So if everything takes on spiritual meaning, this means that we can see God in everything.  We can see God's salvific work all  around us . . . if we just look closely enough.  So your trip to McDonalds - yes, God's there and working.  Your trip to Publix - yes, God's there and working.  Even a trip to physical therapy (like I had today) - yes, God is there and working!

So let me encourage you today to ask a simple question - "what is God doing?"  When you start asking, you'll start noticing!

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