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January 21, 2019

Good morning;

          Today is the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Banks, government office, schools and many churches will be closed for the holiday.  There will be parades, marches and speeches from Washington D.C. (No wait!  They’re closed.) to the smallest towns in the country.  We will remember the impact of this young man.  No, not all agreed or agree now with his positions, methods and politics.  Many in father’s generation had little use for Martin Luther King.  My father’s learned  prejudice kept him from seeing any good that could come from a black minister who stood on his beliefs and sought to change the status quo and the direction of American society. 

          Agree with him or not, Martin Luther King “had a dream.”  He understood the calling that was placed on his life to make a difference.  He died trying to fulfill that call.  I am sure you, my faithful readers, will differ on the impact MLK made.  But I am also sure everyone can agree he made an impact.  His dream and witness changed this country.  Though we are again deeply divided, we can agree that MLK shifted this country’s direction.

          I speak, teach and write a lot about making an impact.  When I see a famous person makes on society, whether for the good or the bad, I almost always reflect on the impact I am making.  Will I ever be famous?  No! Or at least I hope not.  Will I make a difference?  I hope and pray so!

          Ask yourself the same questions?  Will you be famous?  Maybe some of you are or were, but most of you will not be famous.  Will you make a difference?  Yes!!  Each of you will.  The life you live will make difference for better or worse in the lives of those with whom you have a relationship and the lives of those who see you just in passing each and every day.  Will they see in you a sense of calling from the Master?  Will they see a life reconciled between what you say and how you live?

          You see, God calls each of us to impact the world in which we live no matter how large or small.  He calls us to His service, to be His witnesses, yes even to the ends of the earth, but also to our spouses, children and extended families.  He calls us to be His witnesses to the cashier at the convenience store, to those in recovery, to those who struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families, to those with whom we disagree, to those who live a lifestyle that is outside the boundaries of our beliefs, to those with whom we disagree religiously, theologically and politically.

          Yes, we all have good days and bad days.  Our impact and witness is better some days than others.  But we are striving to change the world one witness at a time to the best of our ability?  If so, we are making an impact, the result of which we may never see.  So here’s to trying our best to impact our small circles of influence with the loving witness of what God has done in our lives.

          Will you be famous?  Probably not.  Will you make a difference in someone’s life?  Most certainly!!  What kind of witness will it be?  What kind of impact will you make?

          Have a great week impacting the world in which you live every day.

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