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January 13, 2020

Good morning;

As I rolled trash can back the side yard this morning and picked up the morning paper – such as it was the air was thick with humidity. A blanket of low clouds and fog blocked out any glimmer sunshine.  The kids a cross the street were loading up and heading to school.  Traffic was already backed up on the main road. was reminded of the song “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down.”  Well, it was both today – a grey dizzily Monday.  Breakfast was a feast of Raisin Bran and morning meds. A kiss and an “I Love You” hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to work I go. I don’t think I was really ready to “go to work.”  An unbroken line of headlights could be seen in both directions as I tried to get out the neighborhood and on the main road.  What ever happened to kids riding the school bus?  Oh well.  Someone was kind enough to let me in the line and we inched along to the traffic light at the highway.

As we idled along, I glanced at the oncoming drivers, I wondered.   Who were they?  What were the stories of their lives?  What was going through their minds as they started another week where each day would be much like the one before unless there was a crisis of some kind?  Some looked like they were not quite fully awake.  Workers in pickup trucks with lumber, tools and the necessities of the day in back made their way to nameless jobsites.  Moms argued with children in the back seat. Nurses, businessmen and women, office help and countless others were making their Monday morning journey.  Coffee mugs were tilting back in about every other vehicle as the necessary shot of caffeine was administered. The flashing lights of a police car monitoring the school zone slowed traffic to a crawl.  A slight twinge of impatience made me flinch just a bit as I had convinced myself I had somewhere important to be and important things to do.  But, alas, so did everyone else on this particular Monday morning journey.

My morning experience was happening simultaneously across the state, country and the world.  There is different scenery, different roads, different cultures, different people, more or less traffic as our weekly ritual begins anew on this particular Monday morning. A profound question came to mind.  (I have to seize these when they come because I recognize them so infrequently and forget them so quickly.)  “Is there a purpose to all of this beyond just going through the motions of existence?”  Are we more than just ants scurrying around so wrapped up in our routines and schedules trying to make ends meet and get by until tomorrow when the routine starts again?  Is each Monday just a carbon copy of the one before?  Is each week just an exact image of the one before?  Isn’t there supposed to be some purpose to it all?  Isn’t there supposed to be some grand plan for humanity or is this all there is?  I believe for many, this is all there is. 

But wait, there has to be more!  There is a great God-given potential for each of us.  There is a greater purpose, a grand plan, a God inspired agenda for humanity.   Looking at life from our limited perspective hampers our ability to see and/or understand the big picture.  But wait a second.  Perhaps we are not meant to see or understand the “BIG” picture.  Maybe it is beyond our limited sight and understanding.

Does this mean we conclude we really can’t make a difference, that our lives are insignificant, that life is just a routine and schedule that has us swimming back forth in the fish bowl thinking we are going someplace when really we are only going in circles?  I think not.

I believe God has a purpose for each and every one of his children.  Each of us holds a piece of the great jigsaw puzzle that is God’s ultimate plan. The puzzle will not be complete until each piece is in its place.  A utopian dream? Perhaps.  But only God can know that.

The quest, then, is to do our best to make the piece of the puzzle entrusted to us fit into our discerned understanding of God’s plan.  Our piece may not be as big and significant in human understanding as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, or Nelson Mandella.  But we are a significant piece of God’s ultimate plan.  We each of have a purpose, no matter how small we think it might be.  The puzzle will not be complete without our piece.  Each of us was placed here, at this time and this place for God’s purpose. God can and will use you to complete the puzzle.  It might be through a caring hand or word.  It might be through a witness you didn’t even recognize that fits another piece of the puzzle in its place.  God has purpose for you in this time and place and circumstance.

So, as you go through your Monday morning routine, stop for a moment, just a short moment, and remember that God has a purpose for you today.  There is something He has planned that may plant a seed to change your life or the life of someone you come in contact with today. There is Hope and Life and Light this Monday morning and each and every day, for God has purpose.

“This the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

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