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November 18, 2019

Good morning;

          The small fishing boat rocked gently on the lake in the early morning hours.  The sky was steel-grey as the morning light slowly and steadily pushed the darkness of the moonless night aside.  Wisps of clouds stretched across the sky like strands of angel hair.  The first flight of gulls curiously circled the small craft making their way to their favorite fishing grounds.

        The fishermen we tired from a night casting and retrieving nets.   The lake been stingy with is bounty on this night.  They cast and retrieved, cast and retrieved, moved to different spots, cast and retrieve, cast and retrieve.  The hold was still empty.      Exhausted, they reclined in the bow about a hundred yards from shore.  The conversation was the usual fishermen talk bemoaning a bad night of fishing.  They reminisced a little about the events of their lives, especially the past two or three years.  So much had happened.  It was too much to really comprehend.  “Did we get fooled?  Was He really who He said He was?  But he’s gone.  He said he would make us fishers of men, but here we are in our old boat not even able to catch real fish and provide for ourselves and our families.  Are we just going to return to the old routine?  Was all the effort and disruption for nothing?  We’re right back where we started!  Has nothing changed?”

          The sky had grown lighter as the steel grey gave way to slight rays of yellow.  The angel hair clouds turned pink and would soon become neon red as the sun rose in all its God-created glory announcing the promise of a new and glorious day.  The early morning call of the birds began to fill the silence of the night with a chorus of life.  A gentle breeze stirred the water into small rhythmic waves that slapped the side of the small vessel with steady beat almost hypnotizing the fishermen into an early morning nap.

          Then a voice called across the water from the shore at the peak of dawn. “Hey there, you in boat.  Catch anything?”   “No, just a few bottom feeders, some trash and an old boot.”  “Throw your nets of the other side of the boat.” 

The fishermen look at each other with puzzled expressions.  “Who is this guy?  We’ve fished all night and have caught nothing.  We’re professionals.  Who does He think He is?  If there are no fish in our nets from this side of the boat, what difference is about eight feet going to make?  Guess there is no harm in trying.  One more cast of the nets and then we’re done for the night.  Time to go home get cleaned-up and get some rest.”

The nets sank slowly through the glimmering surface of the lake.  As they settle on the bottom, the fishermen grabbed hold to retrieve them with no expectation of any resistance.   But wait, they must be hung up on something.  Pull harder.  The boat leaned to the side under the weight of the nets.  They were full of fish!!  What had just happened?

One of them looked intently at the man on the shore.  It was like another dawn had broken.  It was the risen Lord.  He was standing on the shore.  He had made breakfast for them.  There as going to be another time of sweet fellowship.  The mission would continue.  All had not been lost.  His call to be fishers of men would be fulfilled!!  The human boundaries of who they believed God to be exploded. They were filled with love and gratitude for what God had done, is doing and would continue to do.  It would be like this last catch of fish that was too big to fit in the boat.  His love and grace and call would be too big to fit into the convenient boxes of their lives.  It would over flow.  It would be too big to imagine.  They would just have to trust. 

Now they were excited and filled with God’s spirit.  All tiredness – physical, spiritual and emotional – was not gone.  They were in the presence of God once again.  The promises were true.  Praise be to God!!

As you start your week, may the tiredness of your soul and body be invigorated by a new anointing of the Holy Spirit and experience of the God’s special presence.  May your faith be renewed.  May God dawn upon you as he dawned upon those disciples so many years ago.  OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!  Have a great week!

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