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Good Morning;

It’s just those little questions that seem to carry such enormous consequences.  Most of the time the little question “WHY” permeates our lack of understanding and our lack of true faith.  We ask WHY in reflecting on our culture.  We ask WHY when things go wrong in our lives.  We ask WHY when things go right.  WHY is the basis of scientific discovery.  WHY is even an important part of our prayer lives.  WHY is this happening to me, God?  WHY, O God, did things turn out like this?  WHY did you do this to me, Lord?    WHY can’t they (whoever “they” are) see things my way?  WHY is the church going in that direction and not another?  There is the old song “Why Me Lord?” 

I want to offer another little question this morning.  HOW?  In 1 Samuel 16: 1-5 (pull out your Bible read the passage) the Lord is telling Samuel to go the Bethlehem to Jesse’s house and anoint a new king of Israel.  Samuel does not ask WHY?  He asks “HOW?”  “HOW can I go?” 

Notice the positive and faith-filled twist the question HOW brings.  It is not the WHY connotation of “explain it to me first then I’ll consider it.”  HOW is a faithful response.  “I’m going to do it, but you, O Lord, will have to help me.” HOW is not questioning God’s wisdom or intention.  It is seeking His guidance.  In response to Samuel’s asking, God does not chide Samuel for the question.  Instead, God steps into the space created by Samuel’s asking and openness to God’s direction and offers a plan for accomplishing the task set before him. 

The question HOW opens the situation to God’s intervention and not just human decision making and strategy.  We can bring God’s ultimate guidance and direction into our lives by just changing one little question.  Instead of asking “WHY, O Lord.”  Lift your heads to God and ask “HOW, O Lord?”  “How can I forgive?”  “How can I let go?”  “How can I obey God’s request?”  “How can I accomplish what you, O Lord, have placed in front of me?”  “How can I make the changes you have asked me to undertake?”  Powerful questions.  Yet, when we ask HOW with openness to God’s direction, with open minds, and with hearts open in a spirit of yielding and trust, God respects our honest seeking.  God helps us see a way when we cannot.  The question we should ask God is not WHY but HOW.   Have a great week.

          Have a great week on the Glory Road.

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