As a result of the coronavirus restrictions, most churches (including ours) have gone exclusively to an online streaming format for Sunday worship. This has created an enormous surge for online streaming platforms. As a result of so many churches using live streaming, it has overwhelmed the system around the 10:45a through 12p time frame—the most popular worship time for most churches on Sundays. We noticed consistently over the last four weeks that we have problems shortly after 10:40am. We have been in talks with other churches in our area and have discovered that no matter the service (Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.), we are all experiencing the same issues. This is also common throughout the U.S. in both small and large churches. We have been trying to figure out a temporary workaround for the time being and have decided to shift our service start time to 9:30am to see if this will resolve the issues. Thank you for your patience as we all try to navigate this new normal. We hope you will help us spread the word and continue joining us during this time.

Please join us exclusively ONLINE for our Sunday Worship Service on Sundays at our NEW START TIME: 9:30am CENTRAL TIME. Please visit to find the link to the weekly service bulletin.

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