Holy Week 2019


Holy Week brings to life the very essence of our faith. You will want to join us for all the services of Holy Week as well as invite your family, friends and neighbors to come and be part of these special services. The number one way to get new people to come to church is personal invitations and Easter is the perfect time to offer an invita- tion.

Palm Sunday – April 14th

Jesus rides into Jerusalem in the midst of a grand parade and celebration. People line the streets with palm branches in a great patriotic celebration welcoming the one who would free Israel from the oppression of the Roman Empire. Jesus, knowing what lies ahead and weeps over Jerusalem and what is about to happen. What happens on “Palm Monday?” Come and find out.

Maundy Thursday – April 18th – 6pm

This special dinner service is set in the atmosphere of the upper room where Jesus gathered with his disciples to celebrate the Passover meal and give it new meaning in the context of his death and resurrection. He takes bread and wine, blesses them and gives it to the disciples and commands them to use these elements to remember who He is and what He doing. Join us for dinner and worship as we relive the night before Jesus’ death.

Space is limited, so please reserve a place for you and your family spot by contacting our church office via email at info@srbcc.com or by phone at 850-267-2599.

Easter Sunday – April 21st

A grand celebration of the resurrection on tap for this, the ultimate Sunday for the year. Bring your experiences of Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday to a great climax as we sing to and worship the risen Lord.

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