Community Church Reopening Plan

The following information addresses a systematic and phased approach to re-opening of Community Church post COVID19.  It is presented by the staff and church board as suggestions for ensuring safety of members and compliance with governmental regulations.


Phase 1 – Preparation for Re-opening (Cleaning and Communication):

This phase of operations will continue with current plan limiting worship to online format at 9:30am on Sundays.  Sunday school classes and Bible studies will be offered online via Zoom.  Church facilities will be deep cleaned in preparation for Phase 2.  This will mean hiring a carpet cleaning company to clean sanctuary and education building carpet.  Since we are without Rob, we will need hire a cleaning company/person to come and deep clean bathrooms, doors, tile floors, etc. Before we begin using the building again.  This will need be an ongoing/weekly cleaning as we get into Phase 2. 

Phase 2 – Hybrid Operations (Limited Capacity and Online):

Phase 2 operating instructions will be communicated via video, email, social media, and/or other means to ensure compliance. This phase of operations will continue worship online and include no more than 50 gathered for worship at 9:30am on Sundays with six feet social distancing measures in place.  (Measurements in the sanctuary will only allow seating for 54 people @ six-foot distancing including the balcony and choir loft.  This is about half of our average summer attendance.) Sunday school classes and Bible studies will continue to be offered online via Zoom only.  No nursery will be provided in Phase 2.  The tentative date for Phase 2 start will be Sunday, May 24th for limited capacity worship service in sanctuary at 9:30am.  This start date is contingent on governmental guidance or restrictions.

PHASE 2 IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURES:  Greeters will be positioned at entrances to facility with gloves and masks to open doors for attendees and communicate that bulletins are preplaced in sanctuary to indicate seating availability and honor social distancing.  Also, offerings will be made via shoebox drops in parts of the sanctuary.  We are also encouraging folks not to use the hymnals but sing along with words on the screens to prevent further contact spread.  Doors will not be propped open prior to services to ensure optimal temperature inside sanctuary; however, upon dismissal, greeters may prop open doors for exit.  Each week between services, facilities will be deep cleaned.

Phase 3 – Localized Re-opening (Tentatively Mid-June):

This phase of operations will shift worship back to 10am on Sundays and bring back Sunday School and mid-week Bible studies to their regularly scheduled times.  Livestream of Church services will also continue at 10am.  No outside groups (i.e., AA, Mental Health, Girl Scouts, etc,) will be permitted to meet at Community Church until Phase 4.  Care and cleaning will continue to be maintained.  As we use more of the buildings, more areas of the building will need to be cleaned.

Phase 4 – Fully Operational (Tentatively Late-June / July):

This phase of operations will continue will Phase 3 changes, but also shift everything back to normal operations, permitting outside groups to once again meet at Community Church.  Care and cleaning will continue.

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